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Date: 24 Nov 2008

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    Yeah. I also don't understand why I'm charged when I take out a car from a car rental agency. If they just gave me a car for a week end, or a week, or a month, I might buy one I find I like by borrowing them. And like Karen, sometimes I've rented vehicles that I wouldn't want to buy if I were forced to pay, so they shouldn't charge me for those either. In fact, as I'm in a vacation frame of mind, I'm thinking much the same thing about hotel rooms, too. I should be allowed to stay in them free until I find one I want to buy like an apartment, or time-share or cottage or whatever.

    Too many people want to earn a living in this noir world!

    Best, Kerry

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      Well, you could also make the argument that everytime a book is
      borrowed from a library, the author has the opportunity to make a new
      fan who could potentially buy more of that author's works in the
      future, or recommend the book to other readers, who might then
      purchase it.


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    > > Not having read Constantine's argument, I guess I can't really rebut
    > it. I would like to say, though, that I find it hard to believe that
    > anyone who loves reading could make a convincing case against free
    > public libraries on principle.
    > >
    > Constantine makes the argument on a very basic principle that makes
    > sense to him as an author: he considers he is getting screwed!
    > Best,
    > mrt


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