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Date: 24 Nov 2008

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    Here in Canada the big chains, Chapters/Indigo, do carry many but not all of the HCC titles. They too, however, usually only stock 2 or 3 copies. Personally, I have found that the titles I look for are typically not the ones they have in stock.....coincidence, or am I just being paranoid (in true noir tradition)?

    Best, Harry

    Quoting Ron Clinton <>:

    > My local Borders still carries each new release (up to the current month),
    > as does my local B&N. The lack of those titles in your Borders likely
    > reflects decisions made by local/regional managers, and not Borders as a
    > whole. I would suggest complaining to the management of your local store,
    > and see if you can't get the titles back in stock.
    > Ron C.
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    >> Friends -
    >> I have enjoyed many of the Hard Case Crime titles. In a sign of the
    >> receding economy, our local Borders (a very large store) stopped
    >> stocking the new titles about three months ago. I'm sure other
    >> persons have similar news about problems in the publishing and book
    >> retail industries.
    >> Bye.
    >> Randy Krbechek
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