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    I hear Jonie Mitchell speaking to the audience, "Nobody ever asked Van Gogh, 'Paint A STARRY NIGHT again, man!'" (iirc, "The Circle Game" on the MILES OF AISLES live album). She, of course, was talkin' about why she loved performing live.
      Harlan Ellison used to do Live Writing appearances (sometimes in the street window display area) at bookstores, where he'd compose and type a short story on the spot.
      Not sure if any other did something similar, tho there is a Monty Python sketch about such a concept... ;)

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    > So, if I sell my car, that means Toyota gets a cut?

    The car, each car, is an object. It is not intellectual property. Each book is an object, too, but "the book" is not an object, it is intellectual property. That's the difference. When you resell your copy of a book, you resell the object, not the rights (which you hadn't bought in the first place).

    Most of the current concepts will be eventually turned upside down in the digital age. I am not sure if it bodes well for writers. They don't have a sweet deal going, so perhaps a new arrangement could work for them. Musicians, on the other hand, have had to resort to the old method of giving concerts, living off of that. Writers don't have that option.





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