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Date: 23 Nov 2008

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    Apparently 41 countries recognise public lending rights and 28 have a system in place. There is no recognition in the US, South America, South Africa or Asia.


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    > I'm talking about radio and television broadcasting and about showing
    > movies publicly. You have to pay. And if you play somebody's song with
    > your band, you have to pay. as long as it's in copyright.
    > If I read somebody's novel in its entirety over the air on the radio,
    > or if I put my reading of it on the Internet, I would very likely have
    > to pay to do it. But someone can go to the public library and read it
    > and the author gets nothing.
    > And a direct comparison: if you wanted put the text of a copyrighted
    > book on the Internet for anyone to read, you would not be allowed to
    > do it. But the library is allowed to do it, etc.
    > Very tricky subject...
    > Best,
    > mrt

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