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Date: 23 Nov 2008

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    Yeah, B&N missed the Hard Case boat and only carry a select few from name authors (hard to turn down the one from Stephen King, for example). I have three Borders within driving distance and all carry Hard Case, though now it looks like each gets two copies of a title rather than a more face-out-display-worthy three or five copies. Not really a surprise there, I'm afraid.  Borders is having an even rougher time than most retailers these days.

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    > I have enjoyed many of the Hard Case Crime titles. In a sign of the
    > receding economy, our local Borders (a very large store) stopped
    > stocking the new titles about three months ago. I'm sure other
    > persons have similar news about problems in the publishing and book
    > retail industries.

    My Borders still carries them and has since the beginning. My local B&N, though, has never carried them.




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