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Date: 22 Nov 2008

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    Looking at the dates of Goines' books, I don't see that a lot of them necessarily came out after his death.

    Goines died in October 1974. The five Al C. Clark books came out in the two-year period between 1974 and 1975, but only one of them, Kenyatta's Last Hit, in 1975.

    Of the five books that came out under Goines' own name in 1974-75, only one, Inner City Hoodlum, was published in 1975.

    Which is not to say that your supposition is wrong, but your basic premise doesn't seem to match up with the facts.

    Here's a list (from Hubin's CRIME FICTION IV) of Gaines' last 10 books:

    # Daddy Cool (n.) Holloway 1974 [Detroit, MI]
    # Eldorado Red (n.) Holloway 1974 [Detroit, MI]
    # Never Die Alone (n.) Holloway 1974
    # Swamp Man (n.) Holloway 1974 [U.S. South]
    # Inner City Hoodlum (n.) Holloway 1975 [Los Angeles, CA]
    # Crime Partners (n.) Holloway 1995; See: Holloway, 1974 as by Al C. Clark.
    # Death List (n.) Holloway 1995; See: Holloway, 1974 as by Al C. Clark.
    # Kenyatta's Escape (n.) Holloway 1995; See: Holloway, 1974 as by Al C. Clark.
    # Cry Revenge! (n.) Holloway 1996; See: Holloway, 1974 as by Al C. Clark.
    # Kenyatta's Last Hit (n.) Holloway 1996; See: Holloway, 1975 as by Al C. Clark.



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    > > Steve,
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    > > Does your buddy who's working on Holloway House's checklist have any
    > > knowledge and/or insight into whether all of the Goines books were
    > > actually written by Goines? I've heard speculation (even here, I
    > > think), that some of these books were ghosted by others, some even
    > > written after his death. I know for a fact that the Kenyatta series
    > > initially came out under the name Al C Clark. Was this a pseudonym, or
    > > did they simply reissue them under a name that sold better?
    > >
    > Al C. Clark was a pseudonym for Goines used for the Kenyatta series -
    > presumably so they didn't have too many books coming out at the same
    > time under the same name. However seeing as a whole lot of Goines books
    > came out posthumously - and he was already writing at top speed, so
    > hard to imagine how he stockpiled another dozen books - and given that
    > the posthumous books are notably better written than the ones that came
    > out during his lifetime - I would think there's a pretty good chance
    > they were ghost-written by another member of the HH team - maybe Joe
    > Nazel whose style is very similar to the posthumous Goines books.
    > John

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