From: John Williams (
Date: 21 Nov 2008

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    > Steve,
    > Does your buddy who's working on Holloway House's checklist have any
    > knowledge and/or insight into whether all of the Goines books were
    > actually written by Goines? I've heard speculation (even here, I
    > think), that some of these books were ghosted by others, some even
    > written after his death. I know for a fact that the Kenyatta series
    > initially came out under the name Al C Clark. Was this a pseudonym, or
    > did they simply reissue them under a name that sold better?

    Al C. Clark was a pseudonym for Goines used for the Kenyatta series - presumably so they didn't have too many books coming out at the same time under the same name. However seeing as a whole lot of Goines books came out posthumously - and he was already writing at top speed, so it's hard to imagine how he stockpiled another dozen books - and given that the posthumous books are notably better written than the ones that came out during his lifetime - I would think there's a pretty good chance they were ghost-written by another member of the HH team - maybe Joe Nazel whose style is very similar to the posthumous Goines books.


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