Date: 21 Nov 2008

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    Does your buddy who's working on Holloway House's checklist have any knowledge and/or insight into whether all of the Goines books were actually written by Goines? I've heard speculation (even here, I think), that some of these books were ghosted by others, some even written after his death. I know for a fact that the Kenyatta series initially came out under the name Al C Clark. Was this a pseudonym, or did they simply reissue them under a name that sold better?

    I've also heard speculation that Iceberg Slim's posthumous novel
    (something with Fox in the title) was not written by him.

    I've only read Daddy Cool by Goines, but liked it quite a bit. I've read a few by Iceberg Slim. I've picked up a few other HH authors, but haven't actually read any of them. Speaking of which:

    What Holloway House books are most recommended beyond Goines and Slim?


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