Re: RARA-AVIS: Charles Williams short stories, novelettes

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 19 Nov 2008

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    ---- highpockets272 <> wrote:
    > Does anyone have a good list of shorter works by the excellent writer
    > Charles Williams, he of Dead Calm, etc.?
    > Thanks,
    > Jay

    I think this is fairly complete:

    “The Strike” (Cosmopolitan, January 1954)
    “And Share Alike” (Manhunt, August 1954 serialization of A Touch of Death)
    “Flight to Nowhere” (Manhunt, September 1955 serialization of Scorpion Reef)
    “The Big Bite” (Manhunt, July 1956 serialization of the novel))
    “Operator” (Cosmopolitan, February 1957 serialization of Girl Out Back)
    “Stain of Suspicion” (Cosmopolitan, April 1958 serialization of Man on the Run)
    “The Sailcloth Shroud” (Cosmopolitan, September 1959 serialization of the novel)
    “Aground” (Cosmopolitan, July 1960 serialization of the novel)
    “The Long Saturday Night” (Cosmopolitan, October 1961 serialization of the novel)
    “Pacific Honeymoon” (Cosmopolitan, July 1963 serialization of Dead Calm)
    “The Wrong Venus” (Cosmopolitan, September 1966 serialization of the novel)


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