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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 18 Nov 2008

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    > >> I'm pretty sure I used "damn" and "hell" a couple of times in "Suicide
    > >> Blonde," definitely hard-boiled, and recently published by AHMM in their
    > >> November, 2008 issue.
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    > >Damn, my turn with the coffee! And I look forward to reading this
    > >issue, of course. I am about three issues behind in my reading. I
    > >usually read them cover to cover.

    I'd welcome any feedback you'd care to give on it. mrt. I think it goes without saying (or ought to) that your voice carries some weight (your recommendations go a long way with me).

    About the story itself: it's a period piece about a mob-connected lawyer who works as a 'fixer" in 1962 Vegas, and is stuck baby-sitting the "Billy Carter"-type older brother of the local boss. I think it might be my best piece of work so far, and I am both proud of it and humbled by Linda Landrigan's willingness to take a second look at it (I'd sent her a previous draft, on which she'd passed). It's my second AHMM story, and I was thrilled to have it placed in the Bouchercon issue.

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