Re: RARA-AVIS: Small Crimes reviewed by the Washington Post

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Date: 15 Nov 2008

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    > Congratulations, Dave. That's a good review---the noir story line, the
    > statement that it suits these depression times, and even saying the
    price is
    > a bargain!
    > (And the last book review I read there was about "ex-patriots" living
    > abroad; you've been spared anything egregious.)
    > Joy

    Congrats to Dave for getting a good review. I look forward to reading the novel. As to expatriates, when will the natural words "emigrants" or "emigrés" replace it? Expatriates, no matter how you spell it, has a certain weirdness to it. It's like the people who emigrated have done something wrong. Back to our normal programming.

    Do you guys think that the regime change and the bad times will bring with it some great literature, like the previous great depression? I would like to see less serial killer stuff and more stories that relate to ordinary people and their lives.

    And finally a question. Does anybody have figures about the percentage of the US population that is pretty much constantly drugged, be it with pharmaceuticals or with other drugs? It came up the other day in a conversation but nobody could cite a source (the conjectural consensus, unsubstantiated, was that the percentage is very high, scarily so). But without figures, such a consensus is hot air...



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