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Date: 12 Nov 2008

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    Sure. I like Jason's work too, and a number of other contemporary noir writers. And there are new readers discovering the genre all the time. My comment isn't a knock on the quality of current writers.

    I've never considered the genre a gimmick, though I'm sure there are amusement bucks to be wrung from its pages yet. But when reality surpasses fiction, the fiction is no longer producing relevant ideas, new directions. It is journalism's job to report the past.

    Best, Kerry

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    > Regarding retro noir: yes, I too feel that after the summation of
      "No Country for Old Men" in text and film, there's room for little
      more than rehash and pastiche. An ending.

      On the other hand, contemporary noir should continue to thrive, as the
      work of Jason Starr and several other raravian favorites shows. The
      genre at its best is hardly a gimmick, and it will be even less so now
      that reality is surpassing fiction. My point is that you can remove
      practically all the artificiality and still have great noir stories in
      totally realistic settings.




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