Re: RARA-AVIS: "Grimly Existential" as Opposed to "Noir"

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Date: 11 Nov 2008

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    > Categorically, I put noir as existentialist crime writing, a point
    of view doomed to failure, I strongly suspect, especially as we seem to have long ago progressed from noir to neo-noir and are now ripping through post-noir at a fabulous rate. What could possibly be next, except the end?

    I found it especially horrifying that McCarthy's _The Road_ ends on a relatively happy note... until you ask: what is the future from there? I mean, the future post-everything? On the other hand, perhaps the old Taoists were right and this troubled existence is all an illusion inside our minds. The world will be fine.... without us. If it is an illusion, then we're fuckin' cretins, that's all I have to say.



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