RARA-AVIS: Type Size, Publishing Realities [was: Stark House reprints - which one?]

From: DCG! (damncrazygringo@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Nov 2008

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    Hey, Andrew (et al) ----------------------
      I agree, with my own Aging Eyes, that Small Type Face is a constant Frustration. (Esp, as so many of the Classic PBOs are in Tiny Font....I don't have a PICA tool handy, but I'm guessin' many are 8pt or less.)
      However, Back When these books were pubbed, as now: Paper Prices were/are at a Premium. Publishers cut Every Possible Corner They Could. (Just ask their Accountants!) ;)
      And that includes -- alas, for us Readers -- Small Type Face, to cut Page Count...and thus, Paper Costs.
      I would rather have a Stark House reprint in Tiny Type (at a Price I Can Afford, vs an eBay Money-Grabber) and have to read the dang thang with a Magnifying Glass than Go Without.

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    I was really attracted to the Stark House line and bought the "A Trio of Gold Medals/Marlowe/ Flora/Runyon" volume.  After reading and enjoying the Marlowe, I haven't picked it up again:  The type is just too damn small.  Message to Stark House: Go easy on our eyes, increase the type size!  I'll hunt for the titles in used bookstores before I buy another one of your books.

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