From: Gerald So (g_so@yahoo.com)
Date: 03 Nov 2008

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    Hello, all.

    Like Brian Thornton, I prefer TRIGGER CITY to BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD. Chercover's first book was one of my favorite reads of 2007, but I found its premise of a PI against the Outfit typical. I also thought BC, BB tried to cram a bit too much into one book: Dudgeon's investigation takes him from Chicago to L.A. where he dallies with a fantasy starlet who happens to own a fantasy car, etc.

    While the events of TRIGGER CITY have some large implications, Dudgeon, the lone PI, doesn't get to see all of them play out. His interest remains grounded in finding the truth of one murder victim's death.

    The book didn't end the way I hoped, but that could be read as a cliffhanger into the next book.

    Gerald http://geraldso.blogspot.com

    p.s. Sean assures me the Dudgeon books won't all have CITY in their titles.

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