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Date: 03 Nov 2008

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    > Yessir.
    > For Davis it was The Adventures of Max Latin, a very enjoyable
    > And for Nebel it was The Adventures of Cardigan, which was even better.
    > But there's lots more superb work by both authors still lost in the
    > This is especially true for Nebel, who to my mind is the most
    criminally under-rated (and under-reprinted) of all the Black Mask boys.

    I like Nebel, but I wouldn't say he was as good as Norbert Davis or Raoul Whitfield, or Gardner at his best. I would place Nebel in the same category as, for example, Roger Torrey (or Torres) and Richard Sale: high second rank. Nebel was great at depicting action, but characterwise, he tended to be one dimensional.

    Anyway, please forgive the digression... who cares how Blackmaskers are ranked? A pulp is to pick up and enjoy.



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