From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 02 Nov 2008

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    Geoff wrote:
    > Anyone else read this latest Sean Chercover novel yet?
    > I read the first one, BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD, a couple weeks ago and
    > think it is slightly better
    > but that's just me. TRIGGER was my favorite read of the last couple
    > months.

    I think BIG CITY gets the nod, too, if only because TRIGGER CITY's ending seems rushed, a little too sudden and pat. I prefer my endings to resonate or knock me back on my heels. This one caught me off- guard, wondering if I'd missed something.

    But Sean's definitely created a great detective here, and his rough, swirling description of a decidedly hard-edged Chicago is like wind- blown grit -- you can feel it on your teeth.

    His Ray Dudgeon is a fine mess. He should probably be in therapy, not running around Chicago with a gun, trying to "save" people (Hmmm, does that make him the male Warshawski? She's another Chicago eye with more than a few "issues").

    But it's Ray's flaws and Sean's willingness to have him act like a jerk at times that makes the series such a great read. Knowing the
    "hero" is fallible -- and not always that clever -- frees the plots up considerably. A nice spin on the traditional P.I. tale.

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