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From: m23to53 (library.john@virgin.net)
Date: 30 Oct 2008

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    A couple of British ones, both with interesting stories.

    Jim Phelan, though probably born Whelan, was sentenced to death in the 1920s for a murder he did not commit. Apparently was found guilty because he had earlier threatened the victim and was found carrying a gun in a neighbouring street. The fact he was not present at the crime did not matter. Wrote crime fiction as well a memoir of his prison life and life on the road as a gentleman of the road.

    Zeno was the name which appeared on a number of the novels in the 1960s and 1970s. Born Gerald Lamargue he was quite a character, starting at school when he ran off with money stolen from the school. Joined the army in WW2, using the name of a Friend, Ken Allerton. Anyway, got married and had a family, then ran off with another woman. She then ran off with someone else. Lamarque followed them and shot the boyfriend dead in a Welsh hotel. Fortunately his crime was considered a crime of passion and he avoided the death penalty. While in prison started writing. Released ran off with a female warden, once again as Ken Allerton. Quite a piece of work apparently, probably not a man to cross. Even boasted he helped the spy George Blake to escape.

    regards John

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