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Date: 30 Oct 2008

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    This mention of reporters give me an opening to ask a question about an obscure book I read recently. "The Bandaged Nude," by Robert Finnegan. Published in 1946 as an Inner Sanctum Mystery by Simon & Schuster. The main character, Dan Banion, is a journalist in San Francisco just after the war. In one sense, it's not really noir, since it ends with a marriage, and you can't get more redemptive than that. But some of the early chapters really have a sense of the postwar darkness, returned vets wearing the ruptured duck and not being able to make sense of the world anymore, character quoting poetry about the inhumanity of God.

    Online, I found that Finnegan wrote a couple of other books. But my copy of "The Bandaged Nude" gives his dates as 1906 - 1947, which means he died very soon after publishing this. Does anyone know anything about him?


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    I brought up reporters, but blanked on them. Thought of a few: Dave Simon, Laura Lippman, Gregory McDonald, JJ Maloney (became a reporter after he got out of jail; actually, think he started in jail), and, of course, Michael Connelly.


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