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Date: 30 Oct 2008

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    Malcolm Braly (as Bill already mentioned) and Chester Himes are two excellent novelists. Braly's best novel ON THE YARD is a symphony of verisimilitude. Chester Himes is most famous for his police procedurals set in Harlem, which contain very little in the way of procedure. And as far as I recall Himes hardly ever set foot in Harlem. Terrific series, though. Especially recommended if you like a bit of black humour in your crime fiction.


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    > Jon wrote:
    > "As for the convict writers, aside from Iceberg Slim, they are new to
    > me, any worth pursuing?"
    > I'll second Edward Bunker, especially No Beast So Fierce (AKA Straight
    > Time), a classic. His others aren't bad, either.
    > Mark

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