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From: tomarmstrongmusic (tom@tomarmstrongmusic.com)
Date: 28 Oct 2008

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    > I don't think he crammed enough living in those good years to give his
    > novels the necessary verisimilitude before retreating to the
    oblivion of the
    > poolhalls of Northeast Philly.

    I don't know that I read Goodis for verisimilitude. the basic plot points of almost all of his books go for extremes that push the ol' suspension of disbelief way into the red, let alone misplaced details about the guns and such.

    for me what's valuable in Goodis's books is seeing how his characters react to the outlandish circumstances they find themselves in, and the emotional & psychological truths that he uncovers about them in the process. I get sucked into the suspense of how the characters are going to behave under the extreme pressures he puts on them.

    I also like the peculiarities of his language, the incantatory effect he gets out of short blunt statements of emotional fact, sort of stuttered, chopped up & repeated. it really gets that emotional claustrophobia going.

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