RARA-AVIS: Another cop turned writer

From: Richard Moore (moorich@aol.com)
Date: 28 Oct 2008

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    One example who is seldom mentioned anymore is Maurice Proctor. After nearly twenty years walking a beat as a constable in Yorkshire, he was an early pioneer in the police procedural with novels including (HELL IS A CITY (U.S. title SOMEWHERE IN THIS CITY) 1953, MAN IN AMBUSH
    (1958), THE DEVIL WAS HANDSOME (1961), ROGUE RUNNING (1966), and several others. All of the mentioned titles are part of a series featuring Chief Inspector Harry Martineau of a fictional city based on Manchester, England. His THE PUB CRAWLER (1956) is another police procedural but not part of the Martineau series. It's quite good.

    Richard Moore

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