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Date: 25 Oct 2008

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    The novel DEATH WISH is a very different story from the movie(s). It's not at all that kind of dumb vengeance fantasy. Recommended.


    I have DEATH SENTENCE on my TBR pile, I guess I should check it out soon. Could it really be that bad? In general, I like Garfield.



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    I tried reading Death Sentence, the sequel to Death Wish, and I've got to say, I only made it about forty pages in before I had to give it up. It was terrible. Garfield's writing was clumsy, the main character was a real piece of shit, and people said ridiculous things like "Someone born in Chicago has more are more likely to be killed than a soldier in WWII," without any hint of irony. I mean, the 70's were a time of urban decay, but more likely to get shot than a soldier in a World War? Seriously? I found the whole exercise to be labored, simple minded and unpleasant. I figured the movies were just a reflection of the crappy story set up by Garfield.

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    > Just saw Michael Winner's DEATH WISH for the first time in years. Jeez,
    > what
    > utter bollocks. What is left of Brian Garfield's novel is a simple-minded
    > "exterminate all the brutes" kind of vengeance fantasy. And Bronson could
    > not act to save his life.
    > Anyhow, then I checked it out and I found it was initially supposed to be
    > directed by Sidney Lumet, and to star Jack Lemmon. Now, that sounds like
    > one
    > of the great "what if" movies...


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