RARA-AVIS: :Apply Now: Banff International Literary Translation Centre

From: Joy Matkowski (jmatkowski1@comcast.net)
Date: 24 Oct 2008

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    The Sopranos on disk has subtitles. My Southern husband found the subtitles useful, but I know South Philly, which turned out to be close enough. Joy

    jacquesdebierue wrote re Kevin's
    >> (Hey guys! Down here BBC programs often have sub-titles!)
    > Really? I've never seen that, though I don't doubt you. But then, with
    > so many dialects of English, it is possible that some are not mutually
    > understandable. It happens in Italian, for example. English is no
    > exception. I know Southern but once, in Mississippi, I absolutely
    > could not understand a guy. This was a different enough dialect of
    > Southern. Once you get away from the written word (a pale image of
    > language), you're on your own!

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