RARA-AVIS: Re:NYC Pulp Book Show

From: Mark D. Nevins (nevins_mark@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Oct 2008

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    Boy do I wish I had know about that NYC pulp/book show because, well, I live in Manhattan. Sadly, I did not get the memo. Not that it would have made a difference, anyway, since I've been in Hong Kong for the last several days.

    Is this show an annual event?

    And, speaking of Hong Kong, are there any noir/hardboiled writers from here or, more likely, any classics set here?

    Nice haul, Edward. While I'm still a newbie to the world of the books we all like on this mailing list, I actually already have most of the ones you found in my collection. I've made a note to keep an eye out for BIG CLOCK. I always buy GMs and other oldies by the names I've learned here when I see them--even if they are doubles in my collection, I still buy them if the price is good because I figure someday someone will want them.

    Sadly, owning the books does not mean I've had time to read most of them yet. But, hey, it's a start.

    Re: Prather, I'm not sure if the following is against the rules of this mailing list, but I have quite a few extra Shell Scott books, so if anyone is interested in any please let me know off-List and maybe we can trade.

    Has there ever been any effort to organize sales or trading amongst the members of this List? I assume rampant commercial activity is frowned upon here, but I bet a lot of us could help each other with our respective want-lists, especially for the vintage stuff that's getting harder and harder to find these days, and is often very pricey on eBay, Alibris, and elsewhere.

    Best, Mark Nevins

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