RARA-AVIS: new member sez "how 'bout that Dan J. Marlowe"

From: tomarmstrongmusic (tom@tomarmstrongmusic.com)
Date: 16 Oct 2008

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    Just joined this group. I've been reading this stuff for the better part of two decades. I was looking through the archives and found a post where someone mentioned "The Name Of The Game Is Death" as their favorite book ever, and I thought yeah, these are my people, I gotta join.

    Will probably lurk more than post, but figgered I would say hello first.

    Disruptive has recently reprinted a bunch of Dan J. Marlowe books, his Johnny Killain series. are these worth picking up? I think I have an old beater copy of "Fatal Frails" around somewhere but I haven't read it. I oughta go dig it out & move it up on my to-do list.

    Tom Armstrong www.tomarmstrongmusic.com

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