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Date: 16 Oct 2008

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    Didn't David Dodge have a book called Death and Taxes about a CPA? I've never read it, but I think I've seen it around.

    On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 11:19 AM, Richard Moore <> wrote:

    > I read several of Steve Bentley novels many years ago and recall they
    > were middling entertainments with polished, if undistinguished,
    > writing. The novels, THE HOUSE ON Q STREET (Dell 1959) for example,
    > did feature nicely detailed Washington backgrounds.
    > As my friend Marv Lachman has noted, there are some wonderfully ironic
    > moments in the Bentley novels for readers aware of E. Howard Hunt's
    > Watergate involvement. In ANGEL EYES (Dell 1961), Bentley says
    > Washington " a great city. All you need is money, endurance, and
    > powerful friends." And later in the novel, Bentley says "Don't think
    > I can't smell a cover-up."
    > Richard Moore
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    > > Jim wrote:
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    > > "Didn't E. Howard Hunt write a series about a hard-boiled CPA who solved
    > > crimes when he wasn't doing audits or something? Can't recall the name
    > > of the character off-hand, but I'm sure Bill Crider would remember."
    > >
    > > The character was Steve Bentley, which Hunt wrote under his Robert
    > > Dietrich pseudonym. I have a beat up Dell copy of Mistress to
    > > Murder(with a McGinnis cover), but haven't read it yet.
    > >

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