RARA-AVIS: Re:Hardboiled financial?

From: Richard Moore (moorich@aol.com)
Date: 16 Oct 2008

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    I read several of Steve Bentley novels many years ago and recall they were middling entertainments with polished, if undistinguished, writing. The novels, THE HOUSE ON Q STREET (Dell 1959) for example, did feature nicely detailed Washington backgrounds.

    As my friend Marv Lachman has noted, there are some wonderfully ironic moments in the Bentley novels for readers aware of E. Howard Hunt's Watergate involvement. In ANGEL EYES (Dell 1961), Bentley says Washington "...is a great city. All you need is money, endurance, and powerful friends." And later in the novel, Bentley says "Don't think I can't smell a cover-up."

    Richard Moore

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    > Jim wrote:
    > "Didn't E. Howard Hunt write a series about a hard-boiled CPA who solved
    > crimes when he wasn't doing audits or something? Can't recall the name
    > of the character off-hand, but I'm sure Bill Crider would remember."
    > The character was Steve Bentley, which Hunt wrote under his Robert
    > Dietrich pseudonym. I have a beat up Dell copy of Mistress to
    > Murder(with a McGinnis cover), but haven't read it yet.

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