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From: Duane Spurlock (duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 14 Oct 2008

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     "davezeltserman" davezelt@rcn.com davezeltserman wrote:

    << I've been working my way through his factory series (out of order) with "I was Dora Suarez" next, and this so far is easily the best crime series I've seen from the last 25 years, and Raymond is becoming one of my favorite writers within the crime genre. There are certain themes that are present in the books I've read so far--physical decline, the inevitability of death, cruelty and compassion, and his writing has a poetry and verve that's unique, as well as an audaciousness that at times leaves me laughing out loud. This is really great stuff, and people here who haven't read him, I can't recommend him highly enough.
      Raymond's stuff is slow-burning dynamite. I read through the first novels
      several years ago and was dazzled. I didn't get past the first two chapters of
      I WAS DORA SUAREZ, though -- I was so stunned I couldn't go any further.
      I'm not sure what it was -- in retrospect, my visceral response to his writing perhaps coupled
      with whatever was going on in my real life at the time is the best reckoning I
      can offer.
      Something happened between Raymond and his writing with that book -- it
      transcended what he'd written before. I suppose I should go back and try again.
      Good stuff, though. Certainly some of the best noir and crime writing of the period.
      - Duane (the other Duane) Spurlock


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