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Date: 13 Oct 2008

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    I know that How the Dead Live (the title of which English novelist Will Self stole for a very different and rather good novel) was one of the most jarring things I've read in a while. It was a very strange mix of murder mystery and love story, with some unshakable imagery. There's a helluva film that could be made out of that book.

    On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 12:02 PM, davezeltserman <> wrote:
    > I've been working my way through his factory series (out of order)
    > with "I was Dora Suarez" next, and this so far is easily the best
    > crime series I've seen from the last 25 years, and Raymond is becoming
    > one of my favorite writers within the crime genre. There are certain
    > themes that are present in the books I've read so far--physical
    > decline, the inevitability of death, cruelty and compassion, and his
    > writing has a poetry and verve that's unique, as well as an
    > audaciousness that at times leaves me laughing out loud. This is
    > really great stuff, and people here who haven't read him, I can't
    > recommend him highly enough.
    > --Dave Zeltserman

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