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Date: 07 Oct 2008

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    >> Much of the pleasure in JDM comes from the author's "voice"--as a
    narrator, and of course through his characters, such as McGee, whom it's hard not to read as stand-in for the author. I find MacDonald's musings on society, justice, morality, and human nature interesting and fairly distinct in terms of authorial style. I am well aware, of course, that others can't stand his voice or style, but for me MacDonald has become one of my favorite "crime" writers, and I'm glad I still have a large shelf of his work to get through.<<

    I agree. There is a special charm in the telling, a suppleness that keeps you reading even when the material is thin (as in some of the plots in the McGee series). I also think JDM excelled at portraying people from all walks of life. He seemed to have a sharp understanding of the fauna, so to speak.



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