RARA-AVIS: Re: Hard-Boiled Pynchon

From: Mark D. Nevins (nevins_mark@yahoo.com)
Date: 07 Oct 2008

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    I wonder if Pynchon has been influenced by Chabon to some extent?  THE YIDDISH POLICEMAN'S UNION certain re-framed what a "literary" writer can "do" with the hard-boiled or procedural genre. (Though at the same time it was clear that Chabon was not "ironically appropriating" pulp literature with this book--he seems to really love and appreciate popular culture.)

    I quite enjoyed YIDDISH POLICEMAN'S UNION, and even found it moving; I don't recall much discussion of it on this List.

    By the way, several of my friends who are Pynchon nuts agree that MASON & DIXON is his masterpiece thus far.

    Mark Nevins

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