RARA-AVIS: DRIVEN, an open letter to George Tuttle...

From: Ron Clinton (clinton65@comcast.net)
Date: 02 Oct 2008

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    Some time back I posted to this list:

    > I finally got around to reading THE FINE ART OF MURDER, and
    > was intrigued by
    > the following statement by George Tuttle:
    > "The best remembered of these super-size [Gold Medal]
    > novels was the noir
    > classic DRIVEN by Richard Gehmen (sp). Dick Carroll
    > thought so much of this
    > book that he made arrangements to have the book published
    > simultaneously by
    > the hardcover publisher David McKay. For publicity, Gold
    > Medal and David
    > McKay jointly gave a cocktail party on April 1, 1954, to
    > celebrate [its
    > release]."
    > Has anyone read this novel? I'd heard of it in passing
    > once or twice
    > before, but had never sought it out and am now thinking
    > perhaps I should.
    > For a "noir classic" it seems to have kept a
    > pretty low profile.

    A short time later George himself emailed me and, along with giving me a bit more information about the book, was kind enough to offer me his copy of DRIVEN. Since I'd hadn't yet had a great deal of success tracking down a copy at a decent price, I took George up on his gracious offer. I offered to at least pay for the shipping, but -- no surprise -- George refused. DRIVEN arrived in today's mail, and I'd like to give George a public thanks. It's people like him who make this list so wonderful -- friendly folks who are not only generous in their knowledge of things noir and hardboiled...but in every other sense of the word.

    Thanks again, George -- I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

    Ron C.

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