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Date: 01 Oct 2008

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    That's the one problem with small presses that makes me wait until their titles are effectively available through Amazon or similar outlets instead of pre-ordering. I've had too many unpleasant experiences paying for books that don't come out when they're supposed to or sometimes never do.

    That's why I was hesitant to mention these two hardboiled titles from Moonstone that should have come out but still haven't to my knowledge:

    Sex, Lies and Private Eyes (edited by M.A. Collins and with a pretty good lineup of writers)


    Partners in Crime by C.J. Henderson and Joe Gentile (the hook here is the use many characters from old time pulps and radio. Henderson, btw, is a pretty good hardboiled writer that I haven't seen mentioned on this list)

    -Gonzalo B.

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    > Publication dates tend to be vague, and susceptible to change,
    > with smaller presses. All I can tell you about Darwin's Nightmare is
    > the launch party is on 21st Oct.
    > Good luck with the project, Geoff. If it becomes an established
    review site,
    > most publishers will provide advance copies of the books for free.
    > Al
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    > From: "Geoff Eighinger" <geoffeighinger@...>
    > > DN is out already but since it has an Oct 1 list date, I'll
    include it.
    > > WCK came out in 2004
    > > originally and is just now being released in paperback. I will add
    > > other three to my list,
    > > though, thanks.
    > >
    > > I'm kind of working on a project and am gonna try to read all the new
    > > hardboiled stuff for
    > > a site I am starting. It'll be costly, though.
    > >
    > > After a year, if the site is relevant at all I plan on doing some
    type of
    > > awards which maybe
    > > everyone here would be interested in voting for.
    > >
    > > A pipe dream? Maybe. It wouldn't be my first.

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