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Date: 15 Sep 2008

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    I read a later novel in the Resnick series and was impressed enough that I decided to read them all in order. So far I've just read the first, which is "Lonely Hearts". I haven't read nearly enough British police procedurals to rank Harvey against all the others, but I personally put him up there with Robinson and Rankin, two other high profile authors I enjoy. My paperback copy of "Lonely Hearts" has blurbs saying "John Harvey's Resnick novels are far and away the finest British police procedurals yet written - GQ" and "John Harvey's Inspector Charlie Resnick sequence has set the benchmark for the British police procedural - Val McDermid" for what it's worth.


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    > In this morning's Washington Post, Patrick Anderson reviewed John
    > Harvey's Cold in Hand, featuring the return of his series character
    > Charlie Resnick
    > (
    > AR2008091402406.html).
    > In the course of the review, Anderson say that Harvey's "Resnick books
    > were widely viewed as the best police procedurals ever written in
    > England." Are they that good? Should they be read in order? Is
    > Bleeding Hearts the first? I think I have that around here somewhere.
    > What about Bill James? I seem to remember some recommendations of him
    > around these parts. And I know Jim really likes Wainwright, John, I
    > think. How do they measure up?
    > Mark

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