Re: RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled with pets?

Date: 13 Sep 2008

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    Mario wrote:

    "Not a likely combination, but there is Norbert Davis with the dog detective, and recently, Charlie Huston's _Caught Stealing_ makes very good use of a cat. Others?"

    There's Ted Wood's small town police force (just him) Reid Bennett, with his dog Sam, who is a full fledged partner. I know Kevin has problems with this series, feels it stereotypes Canadians, but I really enjoyed them.

    And someone makes the big mistake of messing with Pearce's three legged dog in Al Guthrie's Hard Man.

    "Please excuse me if this has been discussed before. After ten years on the list I no longer remember much about previous discussions (with a few exceptions, like The Long Goodbye, but that one is cyclical)."

    And Marlowe did have that cat in the MOVIE of The Long Goodbye.


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