Re: RARA-AVIS: James McKimmey's Squeeze Play

Date: 08 Sep 2008

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    > I was hooked on James McKimmey after reading The Long Ride and after reading
    > Squeeze Play I have to ask--Why hasn't McKimmey been rediscovered? I see
    > that Point Blank Press has reissued the book with an intro by Jason Starr.
    > Buy it. You won't be disappoined- Buy it. You won't be disappoined-<wbr>-an
    > rare McKimmey--and rare Willeford.
    > Jeff
    > Alan Guthrie, Greg Shepard at Stark House and I have been trying to reach
    MckImmey or (if he's passed) whoever's handling the estate for well over a year. Greg would like to do a two-fer of McKimmey for Stark House. We're all big fans. If anybody has any idea of how to reach MckImmey or McKimmey kind please contact me at

       Thanks, Ed

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