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Date: 08 Sep 2008

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    Remember "Always Elvis" wine, produced/labeled after his death. Col Tom explained that "Elvis didn't drink wine, but if he did, he would have loved this one."

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    > > What happened to Boston? Massachusetts? Lest we forget! Everywhere
    > else, except where he was born and died, Poe was just passing through.
    > >
    > The birthplace should be important, I think. But all these claims have
    > more to do with tourism than with any serious claims. And Poe is dead,
    > so he can be claimed. The most preposterous such claim was a recent
    > one by a village in northern Spain claiming that it was "the cradle"
    > of the _Spanish language_. Can you imagine a language as municipal
    > property? Then another village, which also has an old manuscript in a
    > type of Romance language, counterclaimed that they, too, are "the
    > cradle". Absurd claims, something to boast about, get some tourists...
    > By the way, the ancient document is a shopping list from an unknown
    > person. It includes cheese...
    > So, if people can claim that a language is municipal-born, Poe can be
    > claimed by, say, Hawaii, on the basis that he would have loved to go
    > there or something like that.
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