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From: Patrick King (
Date: 08 Sep 2008

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    The twist, I felt, was a little telegraphed, so the big payoff surprise wasn't there... but still probably the best film I've seen all year.


    Yeah. The scars on his back and the flashback to the kid telegraphed it. Still it was a spectacular film. I'd say it's on par with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, and it's ending was more satisfying. Did you get to watch any of the special features on the DVD? Looks like some of Gary Busey's best moments were left on the cutting room floor. The casting was great. Meatloaf as the police captain was surprisingly good. Even the supporting cast brought so much to their roles. What a sleeper movie that is. I couldn't believe I never heard about it and stumbled on it by accident in a Big Lots store. That's just wrong!

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