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Date: 01 Sep 2008

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    Great to hear about HELL CAN WAIT...I picked up a copy of it off eBay a couple weeks ago, and haven't yet got around to reading it. If it's that good, I'll have to bump it up in reading order, rather than let it languish in my to-be-read pile.

    SQUEEZE PLAY is quite good, I agree. I read the recent Point Blank Press reprint and was very impressed.

    Ron C.

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    > I was in the mood for some good Gold Medal faire for the Labor Day weekend
    > and I noticed an unread copy of Hell Can Wait by Harry Whittington on my
    > shelf. So I grabbed it and couldn't put it down all weekend. It was
    > what I was in the mood for. What a great book. One of the best of his I've
    > read. It's right up there with Web of Murder and Backwoods Tramp. It's one
    > of those quick reads that keeps you guessing right to the end. As you
    > the end, the whole earlier part of the book becomes illuminated--"like a
    > flood light on a dark space" to quote Whittington. Kind of an "Oh, Wow"
    > revelation. Whittington is always pretty consistent like JDM and Charles
    > Williams.
    > I also had a copy of James McKimmey's Squeeze Play to read--because I
    > The Long Ride and because, if there's anything as good as a Gold Medal
    > it's a Dell PBO. After reading the first chapter, I know I won't be
    > disappointed. It's starts with a guy waking up hungover in a strange motel
    > room, unable to recall what he'd done the night before. He get's into his
    > car and heads for home, turns on the radio only to hear that his wife and
    > another man have been brutally slain and he's the main suspect. Just as he
    > hears this on the radio, he sees a revolving light in his rearview mirror.
    > Jeff
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