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From: John Williams (
Date: 01 Sep 2008

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    Nathan Cain wrote:
    > I'm in the middle of the first book of David Peace's 1974, and I've
    > got a question. The Red Riding Quartet, of which 1974 is the first
    > book, is billed as being set against the backdrop of the real life
    > Yorkshire Ripper murders, so I did a little reading about that before
    > I got too far into the book. So far, however, the events of 1974 seem
    > entirely fictional, as they have to do with child murders and the
    > ripper seems to have been a prostitute killer. I Googled the name
    > Clare Kemplay, the little girl whose murder drives the book, and the
    > only hits I got related to 1974, so I'm guessing at this point that
    > this book is not based on a true case and the Ripper stuff comes in
    > later in the series. Am I correct?

    Yes, quite correct. The Ripper murders feature in all the remaining three books but not in 1974 (though characters from 1974 reappear in the later books).


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