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Date: 30 Aug 2008

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    Years ago, when I first got to know Harlan Ellison, I asked him if "Hal Ellson" was one of his many pseudos ----- he adamantly said "NO!!", and iirc, went on to praise Hal Ellson's work a sentence or two later.
      While I know he would never sign one of Hal Ellson's books (as either HAL ELLSON *or* HARLAN ELLISON), I also know that he can be cajoled into signing his own early novel DOOMSMAN under the pseudo "Jules Verne", and possibly others. (He'll never sign it under his own name, natch.)
      Either that, or he may offer to pay you some dosh for the book, so he can rip it up before your very eyes. ;)


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    > Let us know what you think of the read, pal. Early Ellison should be good!
    > Steve

    Steve, keep in mind Harlan Ellison and Hal Ellson are two different writers...

    Ron ps: Easy to get their names confused though...I see I even did it myself once in the orig. message.

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    > I picked up today at my local mystery bookseller a collection that I
    > heard about thought I'd pass on an alert:
    > RAW RUMBLES, The Hal Ellson Omnibus, features DUKE ('49), TOMBOY ('50)
    > and
    > THE KNIFE ('61).
    > I've not read the old Juvenile Delinquent stuff before, but have always
    > Ellison (among others) plastered all over the pbo mail-order catalogues
    > whatnot, so figured it was time to give JD a try. Since Ellson is
    > regarded as the Father of this sub-genre, this would seem like a good
    > to start.
    > Amazon has it here:
    > com/Raw-Rumbles- Hal-Ellson- Omnibus/dp/ 0977895238/
    > ref=sr_1_
    > 1?ie=UTF8&s= books&qid= 1220131823& sr=8-1
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