RARA-AVIS: Re: Long-running series

From: James Reasoner (jamesreasoner@flash.net)
Date: 25 Aug 2008

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    > I know they're not single author series, but how many Executioner (and
    > how many by Pendleton before he authors became involved?) and Nick
    > Carter books are there?
    > Mark

    If you're talking about the Nick Carter, Killmaster paperback series, there are either 261 or 263, I forget exactly. Throw in the Nick Carter pulp novels and dime novels (same name, different characters) and the number goes up a lot more.

    The Executioner series is still being published, but counting all the Bolans and the various spin-off series, the total's got to be well over 500 by now.

    Hank Janson and Sexton Blake have to figure into this discussion, too, but I have no idea about the numbers on them.

    James Reasoner

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