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From: E. Borgers (
Date: 23 Aug 2008

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    De: E. Borgers <> Date: Vendredi 22 Août 2008, 11h15

    As I'm never sure if my messages reach the List, I'll be short. The books by Mandel on crime ficition are rather well known. I've read two of them (long ago - in French ) and I was far from convinced. Besides interesting ideas about "class" literature, I had the feeling Mandel did not know very well the scope and large field of the crime ficition and their authors.
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    And here's another article I recently came across, this time from a socialist mag produced right here in Winnipeg:

    http://canadiandime articles/ 2008/07/13/ 1921/

    It covers political thrillers rather than noir/hardboiled, but there's an awful lot of names familiar to rara-avians.

    One non-fiction title mentioned is Delightful Murder: A Social History of the Crime Story by a Marxist economist named Ernest Mandel. Looks like it's about 25 years old. Anyone ever heard of this one?

    Jordan in Winnipeg


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