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Date: 22 Aug 2008

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    Sadly, if you took all of the films where Nicholson had great

    performances like The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, Prizzi's Honor,

    Carnal Knowledge, Ironweed, The Last Detail, Chinatown, etc., the one

    piece of crap film he made with Adam Sandler, Anger Management,

    probably outgrossed them all combined.


    Jack Nicholson, as good as he can be, has made a lot more than one bad movie. I'm not talking about 1958 to 1967 when he was just coming into the business. How about THE PASSENGER, TOMMY, MISSOURI BREAKS, GOING SOUTH, THE TWO JAKES. THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK, having little to do with the brilliant book by the same title, had to be one of the most over acted under written movies of all time. Nicholson was awful in it.

    I'd say Nicholson is the modern Humphrey Bogart, and I think that's pretty high praise. He brings his personality to each role he does. In terms of range and versatility we have many finer actors than Jack. Besides DeNiro and (Dustin) Hoffman previously mentioned, There are also Al Pachino, Ed Norton, Val Kilmer, even George Cloony, all of whom have greater range than Jack. Nicholson doesn't come within a million miles of the depth and range of Marlon Brando in my view.

    So this is kind of where the conversation I alluded to in the previous post went.

    Patrick King


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