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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 20 Aug 2008

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    Just reading an ARC of TRIGGER CITY, Sean Chercover's second novel. Highly recommend it for next summer, once it's out for all.

    Jean-Claude Isso's TOTAL CHAOS certainly will ensure that I never look at Marseilles the same way again.

    And speaking of ARCs and our man Al, I read HARD MAN last year and just loved it.

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    > Since summer is winding down, I was hoping some people might share some
    > of their favorite "summer reads" (from this summer or another), you
    > know, just trashy diversions. For instance, Severance Package neatly
    > answered that need for me this summer. Al's Hard Man, too. It was
    > during a summer long ago that I read the first few Hiaasen (which is
    > spelled with 2 A's and 1 S, by the way) books, before I burned out on
    > him. (By the way, it was Striptease that turned me off him, too.)
    > Anyone got a recommendation of one last summer read for me?
    > And speaking of Hard Man, Al, a long time ago you mentioned that an
    > editor suggested that you change the ending of a book, you liked the new
    > ending idea better and went with it. Was that Hard Man? If so, what
    > was the original ending?
    > Mark
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