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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 20 Aug 2008

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    This is utterly resume/confine a ³best actorı (already a very dubious and Œmarkedı endeavour, worthy of the Œbestı daytime shows...pffff!!!) a few US actors is bordering on the ridiculous... Please stop or take the game/joke/child play...privately!

    Montois not amused and becoming snide and irritated...

    On 8/20/08 5:36 PM, "davezeltserman" <> wrote:

    > Mr T, you're coming awfully close to dragging Rara Avis into a best
    > actor debate! A case could also be made for DeNiro, and even for
    > Dustin Hoffman based solely on his performance in Straight Time, as
    > well as a number of actors including Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
    > Sadly, if you took all of the films where Nicholson had great
    > performances like The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, Prizzi's Honor,
    > Carnal Knowledge, Ironweed, The Last Detail, Chinatown, etc., the one
    > piece of crap film he made with Adam Sandler, Anger Management,
    > probably outgrossed them all combined.
    > --Dave
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    >> > <<I agree with you, Jack. I thought Ledger's performance was stunning.
    >> > But star power is a funny thing. The guy I talked to thinks Nicholson
    >> > is the greatest living actor. He actually told me that. Certainly
    >> > Nicholson has been very good in 5 Easy Pieces for example.>>
    >> >
    >> > Nicholson has been in more masterpieces than any other modern actor I
    >> > can think of. And in each he has held his own admirably. He has more
    >> > range than Brando. People tend to associate him with hardboiled roles,
    >> > where of course he shines, but he has done many different things. I
    >> > mean, The Shooting, Carnal Knowledge, The Passenger, One Flew Over the
    >> > Cuckoo's Nest, About Schmidt, The Shining, Chinatown, Prizzi's Honor,
    >> > Ironweed, The Departed, etc. etc. I have no trouble pronouncing him
    >> > the reigning king of American movie actors. He is extraordinary.
    >> >
    >> > Best
    >> >
    >> > mrt
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    Steve Novak

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