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Date: 20 Aug 2008

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    Ledger made Nicholson's Joker look like a clown. Sir Jack didn't bother to find a backstory. Ledger, or the script, found one that came out as many, and Ledger played him like the psychotic is is/was.

    All opinion of course. Hell, maybe ot was the director that made the most recent Joker the best--so far. My guess is that the worked together on it.


    I agree with you, Jack. I thought Ledger's performance was stunning. But star power is a funny thing. The guy I talked to thinks Nicholson is the greatest living actor. He actually told me that. Certainly Nicholson has been very good in 5 Easy Pieces for example. I thought his Joker was pretty poor, but the whole movie was a comic book and you had to take it for that. THE DARK KNIGHT takes the idea as an hyperbole on life, giving it depth and breath. Nonetheless, an actor with the range of Val Kilmer or Ed Norton could certainly follow Ledger in the Joker archetype. The Joker is timeless. Like Batman himself, he's part of our collective unconscious.

    Patrick King


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