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From: Stephen Burridge (
Date: 17 Aug 2008

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    It seems to me that the fact that he wrote about Florida qualifies him for discussion in this context, regardless of anything else.

    On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 1:32 PM, David L. Wilson <> wrote:

    > At the risk of minor heresy, and perhaps the hope of controversy, I'm
    > going to admit that I don't particularly think of Willeford as a
    > Florida writer. An odd statement, you might think, when he not only
    > lived in Florida, but wrote about the state. On the other hand, he
    > grew up in Los Angeles and lived in the same proto-condominium where
    > my grandmother lived, near USC. One of my favorites among his work,
    > written at what I suspect was a stream-of-consciousness pace, was
    > High Priest of California. I'll simply suggest that Willeford was a
    > MAJOR WRITER whose gifts transcended any plot or setting. There's no
    > commonality there. I'd suggest that Willeford represents nothing so
    > much as Willeford himself. Does anyone know if Willeford considered
    > himself a Florida writer?
    > David Laurence Wilson
    > Downieville, CA

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