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Date: 15 Aug 2008

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    Mark D. Nevins wrote:
    > Thanks for the feedback on Connelly, all; given the responses, I will
    > keep THE POET on my to-read stack, and look forward to it.

    Chiming in a bit late: I'm a big Connelly fan who has recommended THE POET to you in the past, but do me a favour: replace it in the pile by THE LINCOLN LAWYER. Really.

    While the earlier book is great it's also a serial killer novel, a trope that's been done again and again. Connelly does it extremely well here, but try THE LINCOLN LAWYER as it really is something fresh. Not a legal thriller per se, but certainly a thriller, with all the hallmarks of great Connelly (and great writing) with interesting characters, plot twists to keep you guessing, and events that transform the main character. I really do think this is one of Connelly's finest moments, and would bump it ahead of THE POET because of the originality.

    By the way, it's his Harry Bosch series that is real gold. And needs to be read in order, you'll be glad to know. Avoid VOID MOON and BLOOD WORK, his other stand alones; they are sub par. Dude, you picked one of the 2 weakest Connelly's! Next time listen up to me and other Rara Avians!

    Ciao, Keith Logan

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